Unic Teacher Flogs 2 Year Old Pupil to Vomit Blood

Unic Teacher Flogs 2 Year Old Pupil to Vomit Blood

A 2 years old Pupil Ohamadike Cherish who is a student of Unic Vilos School at 16 Alahun-Ozumba Street, Maza-Maza Lagos was flogged mercilessly because she couldn’t recite the English Alphabets.  Speaking with Throne Reporters, the management confirmed the incident and pleaded for forgiveness.

However, speaking with Throne Reporters, the mother of the little pupil said, she confronted the teacher but the teacher boasted that it wasn’t only the girl that was flogged but others were also flogged 24 strokes each (children of below 3 years) and she promised to flog them again.

The child is seriously sick.Flogged child.

It was also confirmed that the child is bleeding from the Nose and when asked, the pupil said, she was also flogged on the head. The incident has caused mixed reactions on social media.

What are your views?

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