TRAA is a way of acknowledging highly esteemed individuals, groups, and corporate entities that have made concerted efforts in providing palliatives to the needy in trying times and selflessly contributed deeply to the growth and the well-being of others in the society.

Yes, TRAA is initiated to celebrate People who have stood as positive influences in different capacities.  It is a yearly event.

2022 edition is here. You can find 2021 edition HERE

The nomination is ongoing.  You can nominate the candidate of your choice in the following categories

Open Categories

1. Comedian of the Year South-South

2. Entrepreneur of the Year

3. Radio Personality of the Year

3. Youth Personality of the Year

4. Philanthropist of the Year

5. Man of the Year

6. Best Gospel Artiste of the Year

7. Legendary Awards- in different Field

8. Special Recognition Awards

9. Etc you can suggest more awards. Etc

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