Prophet  Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin Urges Ministers to Establish Businesses

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin Urges Ministers to Establish Businesses

A minister of God, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin is calling on Men-of-God to establish businesses instead of depending on tithe and offering.

The Prophet made the call in a Facebook live session on Tuesday – while showing his fish farm – which he said to be one of his numerous businesses.

In the live session, Prophet Jeremiah said he would love to show the world where he got those millions and billions he uses for charity.

The fish farm which he claimed to be the biggest in Niger Delta, he said it hosts different kind of fishes amounting to about 7 million. Emphasising that:

“This fish farm is the biggest in Niger Delta. Niger Delta has 9 states and this my fish farm is the biggest.”

In the video, one could easily see thousands of the fishes when he threw feed to them. And other kinds like the popular Cat Fish and Tilapia.

Additionally, the man-of-God said he rare the fishes in a period of six months before harvest. And some of the fishes could be sold for 4,000 naira.

In trying to debunk some unfounded rumors that claims – he is using church tithes and offerings for charity, he asked the views to tell their selves how much they put in the offering box.

“You that is watching me, now asks yourself this question: how much do you put as tithe or offering?” … When you say church money, church money… Church don’t have money. You can see one of the businesses of Prophet Jeremiah. I know you are surprise at what you just saw.

Prophet Jeremiah is popular for his charity works. One of the most recent and remarkable one is when he gave popular Nollywood actor, Clem Ohameze 8 million naira after the actor cried out about his health challenge that could cost him millions of naira – but found no help from colleagues.

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