Mummy G.O Defends Herself over Controversial Trending Videos

Mummy G.O Defends Herself over Controversial Trending Videos

A popular Social media Evangelist who grew to fame through her some controversial teachings about the Kingdom of God, Olufunmilayo Adebayo – better known by her trending name, Mummy G.O. has come forth to defend most of her teachings during an interview with BBC Pidgin.

Olufunmilayo came into the limelight after some of her messages were published on social media – where the videos showed her saying “Footballers will not make heaven”, requesting those who love comedy to denounce Christ before becoming comedians, and lots more.

In the 21+ minutes video interview published by BBC Pidgin on January 9 2021, Mummy G.O revealed that she started her ministry 24 years ago, though she answered the call of God some 27 years ago.

The Evangelist who also introduced herself as a ‘Revivalist’ said her mandate is to prepare people for the Kingdom of God, adding that the message God gave to her is to tell people to prepare for His coming. Adding;

Apart from that preaching, God is doing miracles, healings, testimonies from all over the world, they are patronizing the work of God in this place. That is how it is.

When asked about her feelings been nicknamed Mummy G.O she said;

I am not feeling bad, why will I feel bad when people are helping me…. Don’t you know that anyone that hear bad news will also hear good news? It is those that know you would want to ask about you?… But the wise among them would want to know exactly what I mean in those videos.

In a question of whether seeing some of the videos get her angry, especially some that are cut out, she said she is not angry, adding that most people don’t even know why those video are trending, that some people think that the videos are just for fun.

While Mummy G.O denied most of the videos – claiming they are edited and quoted out of context, she admitted making some of those statements – using modest dressing as example, as she referenced Deutoronomy 22:5 “no woman shall wear what partains to man”.

If they say my teachings are too hard, are they expecting me to say the way you dress to club-house, you should bring it to the church? is that what they are expecting from me. Never! I won’t say that.

The World will Come to an End Through FootBall

Evangelist Olufunmilayo claimed that anti-christ will come through world cup, and says she is not the only one saying it. She claimed that other preachers including one Tega and some teachers from Ghana have made similar statements.

The Envagelist claimed that some people only want to make footballers and football lovers hate her, and come after her. Additionally, she said that all the video manipulations are done for people to put their faces away from the event that are about to come through football.

My Life is Threatened

Mummy G.O also claimed that her life is been threatened by some people who want her to stop the teachings. She claimed that some people called – telling her she is making most of their members to leave their ministry saying;

I have been receiving some strange calls – some people have been calling me saying my teachings are making us to loose some of our members – I thought it was just a threat. People use to chase us with guns, shooting at us. Sometimes they will follow us to my church, pointing us gun at us and sometime they will take my photograph while in the bank, send to me and say we know you are in the bank now if we want to kill you we will, we are just waroning you stop, if you dont stop, we are going to disgrace you.

Additionally, Mummy G.O said haters started manipulating and posting some of the videos after she refused to change her pattern of teachings – intending to destroy her reputation.

According to her, the attempt to destroy her reputation started some 8 years ago – claiming that during the time, there were publications on magazines painting bad picture of her.

How she existed 990 Years Ago

Olufunmilayo claimed she existed some 990 years ago. She believe it was God’s plan to keep her and to bring her back to life. She said, initially, she was not born as a Christian, but this does not mean she is preaching re-incanation as some people misunderstood her to.

She said she molested many people including Men of God. Even when God changed her, she did not believe when people told her she will become a minister – to a point, she arrested a pastor for telling her God is calling her. This was before she repented.

I don’t Hate Anyone

Mummy G.O said she did not hate anyone – that most of those videos are only quoted out of context. She specifically denied the video that showed her

She believe that most of the artistes don’t like what they are doing and most of the young ones don’t know those facts. Claiming that some artistes are compelled to act the way they do because of their agreement. Adding that;

When you go to my YouTube channel you will know. Most people have not gotten my real message. When they went to my Youtube channel and facebook, after listening to my message, they start begging God to forgive them. They thought all they post on social media are true..

Olufunmilayo also apologise to the public that she did not mean to offend anyone – saying she did not condemn anyone. And argued strongly that most of those posts and videos are manipulated.

In conclusion, she advised people not to believe everything they see on social media – saying people should got to her social media channels and watch her real videos to know if those manipulated videos are true.

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