I Will Run for Chairperson or any other Position – Onem Tyna

I Will Run for Chairperson or any other Position – Onem Tyna

One of the most talked-about Councilors in Nigeria, Hon. Onem Tyna Miracle, has revealed that she would love to be the Ogbia L.G.A chairperson or any other position come 2023.

The Honorable made this known in an exclusive interview with the Publisher and CEO of Throne Magazine, Asaba KP Asaba via WhatsApp chat, on the 19th of February, 2022.

Honorable Tyna who believes that by the special grace of God, she will win any office she may choose to run for come 2023, says that “Power comes from God alone”

Tyna who has won numerous awards currently holds the TRAA’s Youth Personality of the Year Award. An award which is designed to celebrate people who have impacted society positively – organized by Throne Magazine.

Onem Tyna came to the limelight after one of her numerous humanitarian services, where she used her allowance as a councilor, to build a bridge linking two villages in her ward, Ogbia L.G.A in Bayelsa State.

Since then, the young Lady has enjoyed the media love with lots of awards and recognition, both local and international.
Apart from her declaring her intention, Tyna has also been called upon by her people to serve as the chairperson of their local government, considering her good deeds and the heart she has.

Particularly, her local government people are promising maximum support if she can accept their request of becoming the next chairperson – promising to sponsor her campaigns if funds will be her problem.

See the interview below.

Question and Answer With Onem Tyna

Q. You have been relevant in current politics and now that your people are requesting you to be the chairperson, prior to their request, do you have the ambition of becoming the next Chairperson in your Local Government? If not, what office are you hoping to run for?

A. I have the ambition to be either chairperson or any other position by the special grace of God because power comes from God alone.

Q. Don’t you think, you contesting for the same chairperson will jeopardize your relationship with the current chairman?
A. No, because in my local Government it is based on zoning presently it is zoned to my constituency.

Q. As you know, to become the aspirant, you will need to win the primaries in your party. So, what are your chances of winning the primary?

A. Like I earlier said power comes from God and I know my track records will speak for me.

Q. There are reports that your people want you to be their L.G.A chairperson, have you considered their request already?

A. Not yet, but soonest I will make my decision.

Q. What do you think would be the position of the current chairman if your interest is made known?

A. He will support me.

Now I want to ask, Considering her past record, do you think this lady will do better than the current chairperson if elected?

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